MCARD-2020 Model Consortium Agreement

What is MCARD-2020?

With the launch of Horizon 2020 and its first calls, European Research, Development and Innovation are entering a new exciting 7-years phase. In order to support smooth implementation of the Framework Programme, DIGITALEUROPE members have pooled their resources together, gathering 12 legal experts from the membership, to draft a Model Consortium Agreement for Research, Development and Innovation: MCARD-2020.

MCARD-2020 is similar to the Integrated Project Consortium Agreement (IPCA) developed by DIGITALEUROPE for Horizon 2020’s predecessor, FP7. As with the IPCA, consortia in any scientific field, not just in the ICT domain, are free to adapt and use the MCARD-2020. The objective is to encourage the participation of partners from academia, small businesses as well as established companies in H2020 projects.

With MCARD-2020, we provide a sound and suitable starting point for your consideration and negotiations under the guidance of your legal and professional advisors. We cannot cover all the circumstances that might arise in research collaborations between consortia members drawn from academia, industry and institutes. The optional text and blanks are highlighted in yellow for your assistance.


Download MCARD-2020

Click on the picture to download the Model Consortium Agreement for Research, Development and Innovation:



Launch of the MCARD-2020

DIGITALEUROPE launched the MCARD on 24 June 2014.

You will find the different presentations below:
2_Ownership of results
3_Access Rights
6_General Clauses