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The Digital Consumer Policy Group goes to Strasbourg 6 Mar 2017
During the plenary week of 13 February, DIGITALEUROPE organised an outreach to the European Parliament to discuss the key priorities of its Digital Consumer Policy Group.
Artificial Intelligence: a winning mix, not a zero-sum game 14 Feb 2017
You must have been traveling on the outer reaches of the solar system lately if you have not heard about Artificial Intelligence, or AI. As would befit a brand new buzzword, AI lacks a clear definition. More importantly, there are as many excited supporters of a bright AI-powered future as there are doomsayers who predict that AI-enabled robots are bound to put the last nail in mankind’s coffin.
DIGITALEUROPE publishes its position on the geoblocking Regulation 7 Nov 2016
On 4 November, DIGITALEUROPE published its detailed views on the Geoblocking Regulation. The document covers the issues which DIGITALEUROPE believes policy makers must take into consideration when discussing the proposed legislation. The proposed Regulation will not contribute to the objective of boosting eCommerce in Europe, as it does not remedy any of the barriers traders face when trading online, making cross-border trade even more complex.
Joint industry infographic on why products and services are not sold everywhere in Europe 6 Oct 2016
DIGITALEUROPE, together with 14 other industry associations, developed an infographic explaining why services and products are not sold everywhere in the European Union.
DIGITALEUROPE responds to the public consultation for the Fitness Check of consumer and marketing law 6 Sep 2016
DIGITALEUROPE submitted in August its response to the public consultation for the Fitness Check of consumer and marketing law.
DIGITALEUROPE selected as member of European Commission Stakeholder Group for the Fitness Check of EU Consumer and Marketing Law 2 Aug 2016
On 27 July, DIGITALEUROPE was officially selected to take part in the work of the European Commission’s Stakeholder Group for the Fitness Check of EU consumer and marketing law. The selection followed a call for expression of interest in May 2016.
Industry expresses concerns about the Digital Content Directive 27 May 2016
On 24 May, organisations, including DIGITALEUROPE, issued a joint declaration to voice their concerns about the proposed Directive on contract rules for the supply of digital content.
DIGITALEUROPE spoke at the ALDE Group hearing on the proposed rules for the supply of digital content 28 Apr 2016
John Higgins, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE, participated on 27 April in the hearing organised by the ALDE Group at the European Parliament to discuss the proposed contract rules for the supply of digital content.
Digitisation and convergence offer new opportunities for content providers and grant more control to viewers 29 Feb 2016
DIGITALEUROPE, together with CableEurope as well as German Trade Associations ANGA, BITKOM and ZVEI, have underlined in a new position paper how the digitisation of society empowers the individuals and gives them more control.
DIGITALEUROPE is delighted to announce the latest release of the Industry acclaimed IRIS Coding Table 9 Oct 2015
The International Repair Information System (IRIS) has been developed over the past 2 decades by the European Electronics industry to standardise symptoms and repair descriptions, allowing a common Warranty claim form throughout Europe.
DIGITALEUROPE’s Director General John Higgins moderated panel at EIH conference on opportunities for global health 28 Sep 2015
On 22 September, John Higgins acted as a moderator at the European Institute for Health (EIH) conference ‘Among Opportunities for Sustainable Growth in Europe: The Global Health’.
DIGITALEUROPE supports the European Commission in raising awareness on Consumer Rights 27 Apr 2015
We believe that awareness raising campaigns on consumer rights are of utmost importance to ensure that all consumers can be fully empowered by the tools that innovative technology offers.
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