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The Riga Declaration on eSkills 13 Mar 2015
Toolkit for National and Local Coalitions 25 Feb 2015
Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs [brochure] 23 Sep 2014
Manifesto - A day in the life of Elisa by 2019 18 Jun 2014
e-Skills Week 2012 - Facts and Figures Brochure 29 Jan 2013
DIGITALEUROPE Vision 2020 - Eng 04 May 2010
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DIGITALEUROPE’s DG led a discussion on digital skills for labour market at the Digital Assembly 6 Jul 2018
On 26 June, Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE, moderated a panel on ‘Digital skills for labour market inclusion: reskilling of the labour force and jobs for young people’ at the Digital Assembly in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The Spanish National Coalition will award the best projects contributing to boosting digital skills in Spain 25 Apr 2018
Having population and digitally trained workforce is crucial to boost Spanish competitiveness and inclusive digital society. That’s why the best projects that allow the development of digital skills in school, work and society in general will be recognised.
The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition celebrates its 100th pledge to reduce the digital skills gap in Europe 16 Apr 2018
Today, the European Commission announces an outstanding result achieved with the support of the Secretariat of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, led by DIGITALEUROPE: 100 concrete commitments aimed at equipping Europeans with digital skills were made by organisations, government bodies and businesses, across sectors. Among these, eight members of DIGITALEUROPE, namely Amazon Web Services, CISCO, Dell, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.
DIGITALEUROPE representing the digital industry’s commitments to equipping European citizens with digital skills 13 Apr 2018
On 5 April, Katarzyna Koziol, DIGITALEUROPE Policy Manager, delivered a presentation at the international symposium on “Digital Skills for Everyone: Accelerating Europe’s Competitiveness and Inclusive Growth”, explaining the commitment and engagement of the digital sector.
Empowering Girls in the Digital Era - Girls in ICT day 13 Apr 2018
DIGITALEUROPE encourages companies from the digital sector to actively participate in global celebrations and create environment that empowers and inspire girls and women to pursue a career in technology.
National Coalitions’ contribution to bridge the digital skills gap 30 Mar 2018
Under the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition DIGITALEUROPE has been visiting National Coalitions to collect best practices, inspire and guide them. Katarzyna Koziol, Policy & Project Manager have recently visited National Coalitions in France, Lithuania and Latvia.
DIGITALEUROPE attended the third eCF Council transnational meeting in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands 29 Mar 2018
On 21 – 22 March, all partners of the eCF Alliance project got together in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands, hosted by bITa Center. Francesca Falco, project manager, represented DIGITALEUROPE at the meeting.
Outstanding results for DIGITALEUROPE’s members at the Digital Skills Awards 2017 12 Dec 2017
During the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Conference that took place in Brussels on 7 December, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, awarded five outstanding projects which encourage the development of digital skills in Europe. Three of them are initiatives supported by DIGITALEUROPE’s members.
The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board meets with Commissioner Gabriel 12 Dec 2017
On 7 December, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society met with the Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition for an informal exchange on how to take the digital skills agenda to the next level and boost the impact of the Coalition.
The Spanish National Coalition for Digital Skills and Jobs promotes digital talents 11 Dec 2017
The Skills4IT National Coalition of Romania is committed to bringing digital skills to all Romanians 4 Dec 2017
DIGITALEUROPE meets with the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Bulgaria 17 Nov 2017
On 26 October, DIGITALEUROPE and BAIT met with the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tanya Mihaylova and the Director of the Professional Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education.
The first 10,000 test users have signed up for a European "skill-matching" platform 17 Nov 2017
In the course of the last two years, a project team of mathematicians, software developers, project managers, and marketing specialists has developed career route planner OPENSKIMR a solution that could revolutionize the European labour market.
Construction 4.0 - A Once in a Generation Opportunity - a DiPP workshop 31 Oct 2017
The 3 million enterprises, mostly SMEs, that make up the construction sector in Europe account for 9% of EU’s GDP and employ 18 million people. Yet this major driver for economic growth and jobs is far from being fully digitised: less than 6% of construction companies make full use of digital planning tools today, thus robbing the EU of 13%-21% savings in design, engineering and construction.
Exciting opportunity to provide digital traineeships to students and graduates 31 Oct 2017
The European Commission has launched a special scheme to provide in 2018-2020 transnational work experience in the digital field for up to 6,000 European university students and recent graduates.
OPENSKIMR workshop: career searching process with the outlook to ESCO 24 Oct 2017
The workshop held at DIGITALEUROPE on 29 September was a unique opportunity to get to know the views of ICT companies regarding the use of ESCO classification and matchmaking tools, such as OPENSKIMR, in a business environment.
Launch of the Slovak Digital Coalition 13 Oct 2017
Launch of the French Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition 13 Oct 2017
Launch of the Spanish National Coalition with the Spanish Manifesto 19 Jul 2017
The Spanish National Coalition was officially launched on 7 July in Madrid. The event was part of the activities of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, which is encouraging creation of National Coalitions, a key feature to address specific digital skill challenges at the Member State level.
The Digital Skills and Jobs community is growing fast 19 Jul 2017
260 stakeholders have already joined the Coalition and 16 National Coalitions have been set up. DIGITALEUROPE’s members are invited to join and take action.
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  • eSkills for Jobs | Six years of eSkills awareness raising campaigns The video was launched at the eSkills4Jobs conference in Bratislava, as a summary of all the activities taken under the eSkills for Jobs campaigns in the last six years. 19 Oct 2016
  • OpenAxel Event at 4YFN - 24 February 2016 Some of the winners of the OpenAxel competition share their views on how valuable this experience was for them. More information about the project can be found here: 7 Mar 2016
  • OpenAxel week Madrid (summary video) 16 Sep 2015
  • eSkills for Jobs - Launch event in Riga, Latvia On 13 March 2015 the official launch of the “eSkills for Jobs” campaign took place in Riga, where a high level conference was held under the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference was attended by over 250 stakeholders and the campaign target groups. It commanded media attention both at national and European levels. 13 Mar 2015
  • eSkills for Jobs - John Higgins Riga conference John Higgins, Director General DIGITALEUROPE, said: "You can take advantage of disadvantages in technology if you have the skills to absorb them, to do something with them, to get better public services and improve economy from them. 13 Mar 2015
  • eSkills for Jobs 2014 – 30 October, Rome – Conference: Making a Career with Digital Technologies eSkills for Jobs 2014, part of the EU eSkills strategy, is a major cross sector, multi-stakeholder campaign from the European Commission, involving more than 650 organisations across Europe including companies, associations, education and training bodies and NGOs. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the need for citizens to improve their command of information and communication technology (ICT) skills for work. The campaign is a response to the growing demand for ICT-skilled professionals which is currently not met, despite high levels of unemployment in Europe. Music: “Pulling Together” by Jeff Iantorno More videos of the Rome conference: 26 Nov 2014
  • All You Need Is Code European Coding Initiative campaign launch video, with interviews of Ninja (Rovio), Ross, Obi & Juno (CoderDojo) and Claudia (SAP). Thank you for the Open Source Music to Frank Nora, for "Drum n Bass K Megatrack" from Midnight Cassette System - Video Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International 14 Oct 2014
  • Watify stimulates digital entrepreneurship in Europe If you're an entrepreneur, doubt's a good thing. No, really it is. Doubt means you have to ask questions. And questions lead to answers which can trigger great ideas. Doubts make entrepreneurs find creative ways to get round difficulties. But a lot of people let their doubts stop them from becoming entrepreneurs. // Watify will help you get past the barriers which prevent you from starting your own business or digitising it. Removing any doubts you may have and spurring you into action. 29 Apr 2014
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