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DIGITALEUROPE publishes MCARD-2020 Version 2.0 14 Dec 2017
The European Commission is currently conducting their mid-term review of Horizon 2020. After two years of experience with the implementation of the Programme, we have taken this opportunity to update our Model Consortium Agreement for Research, Development and Innovation also known as MCARD-2020
DIGITALEUROPE’s thoughts and recommendations on the Electronic Communications Code 1 Mar 2017
On 1 March, DIGITALEUROPE published its new position paper on the Electronic Communications Code (ECC), the core piece of legislation poised to revamp the European telecoms framework. Announced by the Commission back in September 2016, the ECC promises to deliver on better connectivity in the EU and foster investment in high-capacity networks.
DIGITALEUROPE welcomes Commission proposals to overhaul EU telecoms regulation 6 Oct 2016
The European Commission presented on 14 September a package of new measures to reform telecoms regulation in Europe. DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the proposed changes, which aim to realize a true ‘Gigabit Society’, with high capacity and fast networks all across the continent.
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