• DIGITALEUROPE discusses the benefits of digitalisation at the Engineers Europe Advisory Group

    13 September 2018On 11 September, Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE, spoke at the event inaugurating the Engineers Europe Advisory Group. The largest European Federation of Engineers – FEANI– mobilised stakeholders, from industry, professional bodies and academia to engage with a wider set of sectors and society at large through the newly established group.

    The Engineers Europe Advisory Group has the ambition to become the leading voice of European engineers. Speakers from different sectors exchanged ideas on promoting STEM education and closing the skills gap. 

    As the European Commission’s data revealed; only 19 out of 1000 youngsters are embarking upon STEM education and careers. 

    As highlighted by DIGITALEUROPE's Director-General, Europe has a long-standing engineering tradition and a world-leading know-how in this field. This makes digital transformation and industry 4.0 one of the greatest opportunity for our continent. 

    However, to take advantage of this opportunity, the mindset of engineers needs to move from providing better products to use and commercialise data to improve services. It is by merging the European technical know-how with big-data analytics that European firms will be able to achieve greater scale and rip the benefits of digitalisation. Besides, digital is not only the driver of growth but also of innovation with 2/3 of patents being granted in the ICT sector.

    Lastly, Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl warned about the enormous shortage of teachers in Europe. Unless tackled right away, it will soon become a great challenge for the education systems and further hinder Europe's digital development. 

    You can watch Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl’s panel starting from 1h35. 

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