• Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the future common charging solution for smartphones

    20 March 2018

    DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the "Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the future common charging solution for smartphones", as it reaffirms industry’s firm commitment to provide harmonised charging solutions for smartphones by building on the success of the first MoU from June 2009.

    The new MoU is leveraging the ability of USB Type-C™ to become the common charging interface for many other types of electronic equipment, in particular portable devices such as laptops, tablets, readers. Over the last year, USB-C has become more and more prominent in the market place and will most likely be the mainstream charging solutions in the years to come, gradually replacing existing interfaces in a broad range of electronic equipment.

    The new charging solution is smart, as the charger communicates with the device to determine the device's charging needs and the appropriate power levels. This makes the new charging solution not only more energy-efficient, but also safer and interoperable across many more products than in the past. 

    USB-C technology is not only a step change in terms of product scope and how it charges, but also building on existing generations of charging solutions, such as the extremely successful Micro-USB interface for smartphones and the omnipresent type-A interface that is found in lots of electronic equipment and increasingly also in cars, furniture and power sockets. 

    As the market place already offers plenty of cables and adapters that allow older equipment to be used with USB-C technology it ensures high levels of reusability of older, still fully functioning equipment purchased by consumers while significantly reducing electronic waste in future.

    Link to the Memorandum of Understanding 


    For more information please contact:

      Klaus-Dieter Axt


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