• DIGITALEUROPE's bi-yearly National Trade Association Summit to discuss EU wide challenges on ePrivacy Regulation, Connectivity, Cybersecurity and platforms.

    2 March 2018Around 20 CEOs, members of DIGITALEUROPE National Trade Associations (NTAs), gathered in Brussels on 21 February. They joined Director-General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl and her team for a full-day meeting on EU and national policy challenges.

    DIGITALEUROPE and the NTA leaders discussed a wide array of policy topics and stressed the importance of their growing collaboration on key topics such as the ePrivacy Regulation, Connectivity, Cybersecurity and platforms.  Cecilia updated the group on her recent and upcoming activities, including her outreach activities to various European countries and Asia. She also recalled the importance of joining our efforts at the EU and national levels so that we can help foster growth and jobs in Europe.
    The afternoon session followed with participants focused on the topics of artificial intelligence and digital skills. 

    On top of engaging with the European Commission, the meeting allowed them to share national developments and on-going activities that they are currently carrying out to push these agendas forward.
    The NTA leaders welcomed the lively discussions and strong policy focus during the meeting. DIGITALEUROPE would like to thank all NTA members for their active participation. We look forward to a continued and fruitful collaboration.

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    Marion Ebel
    Senior Policy Manager
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