• DIGITALEUROPE discusses 5G and spectrum policy with National Ministries

    19 July 2017In the course of June and July, DIGITALEUROPE engaged actively with the national governments of the EU Member States on crucial issues related to telecoms reform and 5G. Delegations from DIGITALEUROPE reached out to regulators in Copenhagen and Paris to discuss the European Electronic Communications Code.

    On June 23, President Markus Borchert, Director-General Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl and Jochen Mistiaen met with the Danish trade association IT-Branchen’s telecoms working group to give an update from Brussels, before meeting with senior staff at the Danish energy and infrastructure ministry to discuss digital infrastructure and 5G. On 6 July, Jochen Mistiaen and representatives from Qualcomm and Nokia discussed the EECC with French regulatory agencies ARCEP and ANFR.

    DIGITALEUROPE together with the National Trade Associations also sent high-level letters to every national telecoms minister ahead of the Informal Telecoms Council on 18 July in Tallinn to stress key elements on spectrum policy. Together with the free flow of data initiative which was also discussed at this summit, DIGITALEUROPE and its NTAs urged on ministers to take a broader cross-sectoral approach to telecoms infrastructure, fixed and wireless, and to tackle undue divergence in spectrum availability, license duration and conditions, and auction design.

    National outreach regarding these priority issues of digital infrastructure, 5G and investment in networks will continue to be strengthened as the negotiations in Brussels and in the Member States around the new telecoms framework heat up. It is now the critical time to make Europe a leader in 5G and build the necessary infrastructure for the digitalisation of public and private sector.


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