• Warning: there might be a long wait for your next mobile device

    5 May 2017From June 13 this year, you might find that shops don't seem to stock any new phones, GPS units, connected printers or other wireless devices. This will be because the European Union has not provided manufacturers with the necessary standards for many new and also existing products beyond that date.

    The standards were due to be published in June last year, but until recently only a few had been made available. This has left manufacturers with a serious headache: should they ship their products and risk legal problems or should they not ship them and risk losing customers?
    As a result, DIGITALEUROPE members, including many SME's are making efforts to have so-called notified bodies to verify their designs before selling them, but these exceptional checks are very costly and the assessment organisations have a limited capacity, adding to the lead times for manufacturers. Inevitably, the situation is especially serious for small businesses, which are being held up in developing innovations and bringing them to market.
    Along with others, we have been asking the European Commission for months to let manufacturers continue to sell products compliant with the current standards for at least another year.

    So far no satisfactory action has been taken.

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    Luc Chomé
    Director Communications & Marketing

    Klaus-Dieter Axt
    Director Digital Technology & Innovation
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