• DIGITALEUROPE’s thoughts and recommendations on the Electronic Communications Code

    1 March 2017On 1 March, DIGITALEUROPE published its new position paper on the Electronic Communications Code (ECC), the core piece of legislation poised to revamp the European telecoms framework. Announced by the Commission back in September 2016, the ECC promises to deliver on better connectivity in the EU and foster investment in high-capacity networks.

    DIGITALEUROPE worked with the Commission and stakeholders in the lead-up to this proposal, through consultations and outreach meetings. Overall we welcome the provisions of the ECC and are glad to see the Commission recognize the need for an overhaul in order to meet the connectivity and capacity needs of tomorrow. The proposed measures, on access regulation and coordinated spectrum management, are steps in the right direction. 

    However, DIGITALEUROPE does find that the services regulation, increasing the scope and putting new burdens on communication apps, needs to be better aligned with the technological underpinnings of these innovative and emerging services, to ensure proportionality and effective implementation.
    The ECC now has to pass through the legislative process in the Council and Parliament. We look forward to working with the stakeholders to find the right balance in the text and ensure a timely adoption.

    You can find our new position paper here.



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