• A brighter first step towards the European copyright reform

    24 February 2017DIGITALEUROPE welcomes today’s report from the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee on the draft proposal of the Directive on copyright in Digital Single Market.

    We believe that proposed amendments of Articles 3 on text and data mining, Article 11 on publisher’s rights and Article 13 on intermediaries are in the right direction and we hope that the rapporteur will take these changes into account for her report.
    The proposed changes clarify the Commission’s proposal and reflect all the main arguments the industry has been making since the outset. We would also like to point to a recent academic statement from European research centres and academics that reflect industry concerns that we repeatedly shared with the Commission: 
    "Article 11 is fundamentally misconceived, and should be removed from the Proposed Directive."  "The Proposal is poorly drafted. (...)  Article 13 avoids answering the central question: when and on what legal grounds should platforms pay for their users’ content?"
    Members of the European Parliament and the Member States in the Council should take these changes on board and deliver a solid, future proof and workable European copyright reform that can achieve its two main objectives: a truly digital single market that maximises benefits for European consumers in accessing quality European and international content, without undermining the Internet and digital ecosystem.


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    Damir Filipovic Photo Damir Filipovic
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