• DIGITALEUROPE speaks at Polish CopyCamp Conference

    28 October 2016On 27 October, DIGITALEUROPE spoke at the ‘International CopyCamp Conference 2016 – Future of Copyright in Europe’ conference in Warsaw, Poland. The fifth annual conference, supported by ZIPSEE Digital Poland and DIGITALEUROPE as a communications partner, aimed to facilitate a dialogue on the impact of copyright on social life, education, the economy and politics in Europe.

    Speaking on behalf of DIGITALEUROPE, Director Damir Filipovic, took part in the panel on ‘Remuneration Models’ in Europe, which examined how authors should be paid for their creative works, who should pay authors and on what basis, and what are the current systems in place in Europe.

    During his speech, Mr Filipovic focused on DIGITALEUROPE’s belief that the current device-based levy system is outdated and no longer fit for the realities of the digital economy. He noted that DIGITALEUROPE believes there are Internal Market distortions caused by the current dysfunctional levy paradigm, but these can be mitigated by implementing the interim ‘fixes’ highlighted by the European Commission in their Communication from December 2015.

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    Damir Filipovic Photo Damir Filipovic


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