• DIGITALEUROPE welcomes Commission proposals to overhaul EU telecoms regulation

    6 October 2016The European Commission presented on 14 September a package of new measures to reform telecoms regulation in Europe. DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the proposed changes, which aim to realize a true ‘Gigabit Society’, with high capacity and fast networks all across the continent.

    The Commission’s proposals have been in the making for a long time, dating back to the Telecoms Single Market initiative from 2013 and a major public consultation at the end of 2015. The new texts want to make Europe ready for the connectivity needs for tomorrow.

    The plans include targets to have 5G coverage in major cities and along main transport networks by 2020, gearing up for full coverage by 2025. They also harmonize the management of spectrum frequencies by coordinating the timelines for assignments and using a new peer-review process to ensure transparency and security.

    In combination with a more investment-friendly regulatory landscape, the Commission therefore gives its thumbs-up to for planning and building the infrastructure deployment of next-generation networks.

    One point of difficulty however lies in a proposed expansion of the ruleset to online communication services (such as WhatsApp or Skype). DIGITALEUROPE urges that this is kept in line with what is actually feasible and possible with online technologies.

    DIGITALEUROPE looks forward to working together with the stakeholder community and European legislators to realise these ambitions.

    For further information, please find our press release and position paper on the proposals here and here respectively.

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