• DIGITALEUROPE at Spectrum Management Conference by Forum Europe

    30 June 2016On 22 June, DIGITALEUROPE Director-General John Higgins participated in a panel debate on spectrum policy in Brussels.

    Mr. Higgins spoke on the long-term vision for the Ultra High Frequency spectrum band. This frequency range (470-790 MHz) is of particular importance for mobile communications and broadcasting of television signals. It’s also linked to the deployment of 5G technologies.

    A proposal by the European Commission aims to harmonise this frequency range across Europe and introduce a flexibility option for national member states. DIGITALEUROPE took part in the exchange with stakeholders in the spectrum community, offering the technical expertise of its members.

    Other panellists included Andreas Geiss from the DG Connect, Luisa Mendes from the RSPG, Lazslo Toth from GSMA and William Maunier from the Wider Spectrum Group.

    The discussion concluded that a balanced approach to the harmonisation of the spectrum band will be necessary, with also attention to the broader implications and benefits of spectrum for the digitisation of society.

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