• Leading TV brands sign up to the Ultra High Definition (UHD) logo

    27 February 2015After the launch of the Ultra HD logo at IFA on 5 September 2014, DIGITALEUROPE is happy to publish the white list of the first brands to be authorised to use the Ultra HD logo on their display technology products.

    The following brands have signed up:

    LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony

    PDF icon List of UHD certified brands - February 2015 

    The UHD logo is part of a series of logos that DIGITALEUROPE has developed to reassure and inform consumers on the latest video technology. The last four logos supporting High Definition quality products have attracted over 200 signatories.

    The Ultra HD logo informs consumers that the display device they are considering buying is compatible with all major sources of Ultra HD content and that it displays this content in Ultra HD format. It helps content producers to understand how their content is rendered on a baseline UHD display and optimise their market reach.

    Participation in the logo programme is open to any brand of display device, provided they sign the license agreement and commit themselves to the quality and interoperability requirements defined by DIGITALEUROPE.

    Interested in more information about the UHD logo? Then have a look at the DIGITALEUROPE website: http://www.digitaleurope.org/Services/Highdefinitionlogos/UHD.aspx

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