International Agreements Group

International Agreements

DIGITALEUROPE supports removal of tariffs and non-tariff barriers primary through a multilateral rules-based trading system allowing maximum access to markets with the minimum of barriers. DIGITALEUROPE aims to ensure that its members can rely on favourable, reliable and sustainable trade conditions in the global digital economy. We are committed to free, balanced, open, and fair trade as a driver of productivity, innovation, job creation, improved competitiveness and service quality. DIGITALEUROPE members declare their strong support for the World Trade Organisation trading system and new multilateral initiatives undertaken by WTO members aiming to improve global trade liberalisation in goods, services, and investments.

Free Trade Agreements

The Trade Policy Group works to enhance access to third country markets for European digital technologies through bilateral agreements. Bilateral trade negotiations and agreements have a strategic link to strengthening the EU's international competitiveness. A strong support for free market access and investment in the key world's markets is needed by the European ICT sector. This is of particular importance as the digital economy presents massive opportunities for the EU in terms of growth and employment, productivity gains, competitiveness as well as the reduction of carbon emissions.

Maintenance/ Expansion/Reform of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA)

The ITA is a well-conceived, functional and remarkably effective multilateral voluntary trade agreement, and an increasingly rare enabler of growth. The Trade Group collaborates with decision makers and other stakeholders with the aim to ensuring that the ITA continues to deliver substantial benefits in terms of market access. Our goal is to ensure that the Agreement keeps pace with technological developments so to remain a milestone for the digital technology industry for the present but also for the future. DIGITALEUROPE welcomes the decision by ITA signatories to update the Agreement and we remain committed to advance this initiative, which will expand trade, stimulate growth, increase jobs, and spur innovation globally.

Read DIGITALEUROPE's full statement on the ITA Expansion here

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