Research & Innovation Group

The Research & Innovation (R&I) working group supports increased and more effective public funding for technology R&I. Spending on R&I is essential for job creation and the long term overall health of European economy, because it underpins the innovation that drives productivity improvement and growth. Not only the financing, but also the establishment of appropriate conditions for R&I in relation to Intellectual Property is vital, by promoting the flow of knowledge between science and industry. The R&I group brings together technical and legal experts to propose solutions for legislative and regulatory issues affecting R&I and Innovation for the digital technology industry

Horizon 2020 – the new framework programme (2014-2020)

On 30 November 2011 the Commission adopted Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme. In general, DIGITALEUROPE strongly believes that European investment in H2020 needs to focus on collaborative research of the highest scientific and technical quality, as well as on its impact and relevance to deliver timely results that will form the basis of the next generation of global technologies and services. This way, Horizon 2020 can strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership and address societal challenges. As many DIGITALEUROPE members are engaged in Horizon 2020 research projects, the focus of activities now lies on gathering their first experiences with participation in the Framework Programme and making recommendations on how to further improve it.

MCARD-2020 Model Consortium Agreement

With the launch of Horizon 2020 and its first calls, European Research, Development and Innovation are entering a new exciting 7-years phase. In order to support smooth implementation of the Framework Programme, DIGITALEUROPE members have pooled their resources together, gathering 12 legal experts from the membership, to draft a Model Consortium Agreement for Research, Development and Innovation: MCARD-2020.