Digital Transformation Group

The Working Group will coordinate DIGITALEUROPE’s activities and promote its positions on a broad range of issues including Cloud, smart manufacturing, Big Data, data ownership, R&D, eGovernment, etc. The group will work in close cooperation with other working groups such as Privacy&Security (on data protection and cybersecurity), R&D (on research), S&I (on interoperability and standards), etc.

Co-ordinate DIGITALEUROPE’s internal activities by

  • Being a contact point for members for Digital transformation knowledge
  • Create links with other stakeholders active on the issue
  • Effectively working with all relevant working groups of DIGITALEUROPE.

Lead DIGITALEUROPE’s interaction with EU institutions by

  • Following EU developments and engage in policy debates and stakeholder groups (such as AOITI)
  • Preparing and implementing advocacy and communications action

Promote DIGITALEUROPE as a source of knowledge, industry leadership and advice to policymakers

  • Organising events and outreach when needed to effectively promote digital industry views and positions