Digital Consumer Policy Group

The Digital Consumer Policy Group (DCPG) aims to ensure that the ongoing progress of technology is reflected in opportunities for European business and citizens.Digital technology is making a deep and lasting impact on the way we live, work, communicate and interact.

The DCPG raises awareness of the benefits of ICT across the European economy, ensuring that European citizens and business take advantage of the opportunities being generated. The main focus of the group is to ensure that the digital technology industry functions successfully in the European single market. Building consumer trust in digital technologies, products and services is at the forefront of the group.

The DCPG works to strengthen Europe's data protection framework in a sensible manner, to foster better intellectual property protection which in turn encourages innovation. It provides advice on complex issues such as the patenting of digital inventions and the promotion of digital rights management. The group develops industry contributions to essential areas such as the market regulation of telecommunications and network security.

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